user interface  GeZA-2D for Android

On starting GeZA-2D the standard automaton is running or the last state is displayed.
You can draw on the main window, that means giving cells a new value. More functions of this app you'll find in the drop down menu and in the title bar.


Depending on the physical resolution not all of the 4 icons in the titlebar are displayed, these function are choosable via drop down menu then.

menu item
1 step

computes just one next generation.

starts resp. stopps animation.
rewind rewind to the starting cell states (running animation will be stoppt).

opens a dialog for settings depending on the context.
set colours
opens a dialog for changing colours.
opens a dialog for changing global settings
set random
sets the field to a random initial state
clear field
sets all cells to state 0.
opens this manual
set wallpaper
the current image may be set as wallpaper
opens submenu for selecting supported basic type of automata

The sub menu "Mode":

Here you may set the basis mode of the cellular automata.

The field in this app is a closed one, that means the left border goes to the right and the bottom goes to the top border and vice versa.
This is called im mathematics toroid. You can imagine it as a bike tube.