rule editor

Touching on the rule string in the option dialog, this rule editor will be opened.

On the top you see the rule string. Touching on this string sets the position of the cursor. The number in red among them shows the current cursor/string position. This is useful, cause the character at this position dictates the value of the cell in the next generation, if the sum of value of the neighbour cells is equal to the position number.
Touch the button "use it" provides the new rule to the option dialog and returns.

cursor just 1 position to the left.
cursor just 1 position to the right.
opens this help side.
< del
deletes 1 character left from the cursor.
del >
deletes 1 character right from the cursor.

 function of the rule characters:
the cell keeps the state
increments state of the cell by 1, 9 goes to 0.
decrements state of the cell by 1, 0 stays 0.
0 goes to 1, otherwise the cell goes to 0.
the cell gets a random state (0..9).
the cell gets the highest state from the neighbours.
the cell gets the lowest state from the neighbours.

Remark: There is a problem with rules longer than display width. I'm working on it.