rule converter

Sometimes you find in literature or in programs (mostly in "Game of Life" themes) rules in notation like 23/3 or S23/B3 or similar. S means stable and B Birth. This says for the Moore-neighbourhood , that for the next generation the cell with 2 living (state = 1) neighbours is stable and with 3 living neighbours the cell is still living or born. This is the rule of the "Game of Life".
But GeZA2D is using a new Kind of ruling convention. For converting rules from the old notation into the new GeZA like, this little tool helps you.

Click on the buttons (0..8) right from the S (stable) or B (Birth) to activate or deactivate them.
After "old Style" you'll find the rule in conventional notation and beneath "GeZA rule" the notation using this app.

Clicking on the button "use it" will go back to the option dialog with the new defined rule.

If the current rule is not valid  for 'old style'-notation, the 'game of life' rule is preset!